ghetto (plural: ghettos or ghettoes)

  1. The district in a city where Jews were compelled to confine themselves.
    The Jews of Venice were confined to the ghèto, in what is now the Arsenale district
  2. An economically depressed urban district predominently inhabited by members of one ethnic or religious group.
    Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville are often cited as African-American ghettos.
    East Los Angeles is often thought of as a Hispanic ghetto.
  3. A district where members of one ethnic, religious, or cultural group are congregated, usually voluntarily.
    The Castro district of San Francisco is a gay ghetto.
    Beverley Hills is the ghetto of the glitterati.

6 letters in word "ghetto": E G H O T T.

No anagrams for ghetto found in this word list.

Words found within ghetto:

ego eh et eth geo get go goe got goth he het ho hoe hog hot hote oe oh te teg tet teth the tho to toe tog toge tot tote